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[Z Club] Scholarship, New Members and Q3 Update!

Dear friends,

We are pleased to share Z Club’s latest quarterly letters and some exciting news.

Generation Z Investment Club, or Z Club, is a student investment club of 50+ students globally. For the Class of 2021, we invited 24 new investors from 12 universities.

Since the founding of Generation Z Investment Club in 2018, we witnessed the transformation of our members through online modules, meet-the-manager sessions, endowment management, and Invest Your Life trip. They have acquired knowledge about investing, made life-long friends, and achieved excellent investment returns (45.8% since inception in July 2019).

The mission of Z Club is to shape the next generation of long-term, social minded investors, and we are very proud to share with you that using 10% of the investment returns of our student-run endowment, we are able to give out two Gen Z Scholarships (US$800 per person each year) to two Chinese students from low income families to fund their university education. They are also required to join Z Club to learn more about investing. We hope that joining Z Club will be a life-changing event for our scholars.

Our 2021 Gen Z Scholars are:

Despite the pandemic, our endowment portfolios show resilience. While the performance has been strong, I’m particularly happy to see that our members stayed calm and focused on the names they strongly believe. The portfolio turnover during this crazy market has been very low. It shows that the long-term patient approach actually works. I hope our members are learning from the real money experiences.

Lastly, please find link for the quarterly letters. Our members discuss details of their investment ideas.

Link to Q3 letters

If you have any interest in reaching out to our members, please feel free to contact us any time!


Alan, Candice, Jeffrey, Max, Shinya and Tiffany (Management Team of Z Club)

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