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Project Z - ESG for Next Gen

As many of you remember, Tiffany and I co-founded Gen Z Group, a small education-and-entertainment company, to provide unique educational experience for the next generation. We have two parts to its educational endeavor – (1) We create educational graphic novels; (2) we run investor education programs.

Firstly, we create and use graphic novels, or manga in Japanese, to spark the next generation’s interest in investing. We are currently developing a series of investment manga, including this one we co-developed with Arisaig Partners (Singapore based multi-billion asset manager), using a real company’s case study as an investment example.

Since 2018, we have been running an intercollegiate investment club called Generation Z Investment Club (“Z Club”, with students from Singapore, Malaysia, China and other countries. This year, with the support of CFA Institute and Arisaig Partners, we are launching The Next-Gen ESG Investment Program. Our program is designed to provide a multi-disciplinary solution to our members:

(1) Academic learning with CFA Institute’s Certificate in ESG Investing study materials and Sustainability Gameshow, which was co-developed by BNP Paribas;

(2) Practical learning with Singapore’s leading asset managers through case studies (some in the form of manga), and

(3) Real money portfolio management

Currently, Z Club’s members are managing a little more than $100,000. A portion of the profit generated by the club is used to support the club’s operations and to fund for the scholarship to support two university students from underprivileged families as well as initiating other positive causes (e.g. charity donation to the destination selected by the members). My family semi-permanently set aside $200,000 for Z Club’s initiatives and at least 30% of the profits generated from the ESG Program will be used for good cause (the balance will stay in the portfolios).

On Jun 5, we are hosting an information session for the new program. Mr. Richard McGillivray, Senior Director, Institutional Partnerships, APAC, and Mr. Allen Xiao, ESG Verification Subcommittee Member of CFA Institute, will join the session.

We are truly excited about this project and hope you can help us to spread the words with your friends. If this Singapore program works well, we want to expand into other parts of the world. If this happens, we definitely need your supports!!

Thank you again for your attention.

Yours respectfully,

Shinya Deguchi

For more information, please go to the program’s website -

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