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Investor Z IMPACT! - Chapter 1: Miyuki's Responsibility

We are pleased to share our latest investment webtoon, Investor Z - IMPACT!, which we developed with Arisaig Partners, a Singapore-based public equity manager, and Vitasoy, Hong Kong's iconic FMCG brand. Arisaig Partners' 20+ years investment in Vitasoy not only generated an extremely high compounding returns for its investors, but also created an opportunity to work closely with its management on various sustainability and environmental issues. We believe it is one of the most successful cases of active and positive engagement investments in Asia.

We are very proud of our collaboration with Arisaig Partners and Vitasoy to create this 4-chapter webtoon to ignite the interest of our next generation in ESG investing and develop their long-term investment mindset. For webtoons, a wordy explanation does not add a lot of value. Just read it.

We will publish weekly going forward, so please stay tuned. If you find it interesting, please share it with your friends and family.

Read Chapter 1 - Miyuki's Responsibility (English)

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