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Graduation - For the Next 70 Years (at least) of Investor's Journey

From Columbia Business School Yearbook of 1951, almost 70 years ago

The Class of 2019… the very first batch of Z Club… completed their program and we had a graduation ceremony. While we acknowledge their dedication to the club and program, we celebrated the start of their life long investment journey. Warren Buffett never took a break on his investor’s journey over 70 years. I hope all of our graduating members will take the same path of Mr. Buffett.

Click to watch a short movie clip:

A short video for the graduation ceremony:

For a full recording:

Passcode: aD216!@X

By the way…

(left: Warren Buffett, Right: Jeffrey Tung… Jeffrey is Graduation Class Representative and PM of Team Icho)

On January 17, 2021, we will host the Annual Performance Review. Our PMs will share their performance and top performing positions as well as the most exciting names in the portfolio. If you are looking for a future employee, it is a very good showcase for you to cherry pick promising analysts before someone else takes. The invitation will follow.

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