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Star Magnolia Capital Limited 

The content on WeChat is in Chinese.

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Capital Allocators

Capital Allocators dedicates to exploring best-in-class practices in overseas asset management, and focuses on interviewing the world's top asset owners and managers about what they think and the process behind it. Understand how the gatekeepers of these capital "empires" allocate their time and money. In addition to their philosophy at work, you can also learn about the daily lives of people who control huge amounts of capital. The content on WeChat is in Chinese.

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Generation Z Investment Club

"Z Club" is a non-profit organization established in 2018 with the aim of helping our next generation to start their journey of becoming investors with a long-term mindset. Please visit our blog for more information. You can also scan the QR code here to visit Z Club's WeChat Official Account. The content on WeChat is in Chinese.

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